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crmSP Technolab is one of the leading providers of customized CRM software solution to SMEs from different industry verticals. Our Customer Relationship Management software helps you widen your client base, cut marketing expenses and time to increase your return on investment.

Our CRM software becomes your sales force manager that empowers you to track various marketing campaigns and know where they are heading at the click of buttons. The software allows you to seamless integrate the front-desk marketing activities with back-end administration to give you flawless 360 degree view marketing department your from mobile or desktop.

Key Features of Our CRM System

For a marketing manager managing multiple marketing teams can be a quite messy and challenging task. With our CRM software, it is a different story; you effectively direct your sales campaign, manage clients and keep other stakeholders informed, from your computer dashboard so that right marketing strategies are executed at the right time. Following are the key features of our CRM software:

  • Completely web based that facilitates quick, easy and secured access to authenticated users from any location at any time
  • Easy configuration according to the client needs
  • Modules based architecture that is scalable to accommodate changes client requirements in future
  • Real time dashboard indicators that give access to vital statistics whenever needed for taking informed decisions
  • Comprehensive lead management -right from lead management to deal closure
  • Launch, track and measure outcome of multiple marketing campaigns from single dashboard
  • Rich client management features to retain old and gain new clients

How our CRM Software Benefit You?

In the fast moving and competitive modern day business world, CRM software plays an indispensable role in capturing right business leads and converting them into successful deals. Keeping this in mind we customize CRM software for your business and empower your business in following ways:

  • Target and effectively manage the right client base
  • Complete automation- from lead generation to business conversion
  • Streamline different marketing processes to reduce expenses
  • Accelerate the entire marketing cycle for faster turnaround; increase in numbers of happy clients
  • Successfully make inroads in difficult, highly competitive client territories through automated, targeted and cost-effective marketing campaigns

Contact us to know more about our innovative CRM solutions that can give your business a complete turnaround.

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