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Beacon Consultation

The iBeacon consultation for your business include all aspects of a Successful project management :Scope, Targets, Processes, planning,reporting as well as the specific proposals for design and developments for your mobile application and CMS.

we are working together with 9 different iBeacon hardware providers (Standard and non standard) and which allows us to remain independent.We integrates Estimote SDK for iBeacon communication  in mobile app  also we able to customize SDK In case if you have already using the SDK in your app.

during development we tested all beacon hardware properties and developed application which gives better performance with minimum usage of beacon battery and device battery.

Onsite Implementation

We Define retail shopping mall and instore areas for iBeacon deployment as part of your iBeacon strategy.This serves as a basis for our team to configure and deploy the right amount of iBeacon on-site. For global Projects we work with a sub-contractor who is in charge of iBeacon deployment and maintenance.

Ongoing Consulting and Management

Based on the analysis we will get to know your customers and store visitors better and give you regular data analysis and reporting provided to you will allow you to learn more about your business.

Beacon CMS integration

There are various beacon based CMS available in the market which will be used for develope the iBeacon based application. these Beacon Management Platform is the core component of beacon based application which enabling you to easily plan, create and manage beacon-based proximity campaigns.

In Market available beacon based CMS are RoverLabs, Lightcurb, SensoBerg, BeaconControl etc…..From this CMS we already worked with the Roverlabs beacon based CMS. Roverlab’s software supports major beacon standards and allows the intuitive management of large beacon networks.

Roverlabs Give facility to Manage beacons and create Campaigns which also give facility to create Richer mobile messages.Roverlabs also have facility to track performance (visit data and campaign performance with insight of open and click rates).

Properietry CMS

we developed our own SP CMS (Beacon based ) in Core PHP using the postGREsql database.SP CMS platform is enterprise‐ready, can be easily integrated with other systems via REST API.

here we using the Amazon SNS for push notifications and Braintree as payment gateways and it works with any type of Bluetooth Beacon device, regardless of its producer or vendor.

Main Features under CMS —

Manage all types of beacons –

Create communication campaigns

Gather accurate analytics on user’s behaviour and campaigns

Push notification via CMS

Other iBeacon services which we provide :-

  • Customised iBeacon Mobile applications.
  • iBeacon App Design and Development.
  • Location and Proximity Solutions.
  • iBeacon QA and Testing services.
  • indoor Positioning & Navigation.
  • iBeacon Support, Maintenance & Optimisation.

Beacon Areas

Museums and Galleries :-

We have built our product, which  allow the easy development of beacon-enabled apps for museums and galleries.Brooklyn Museum , New York  used beacons to provide visitors with contextual information about the paintings or Artwork.

Transport :-

In Public Transport app used for provides the relevant offers to bus travellers in close proximity to stores.App detects when a user enters Bus-Stop It informs the user when their required bus service next departs, and from which gate.The app also Prompts offers from their nearby businesses so that if their bus is running late the user could use a time-limited discount to grab a coffee or a snack,etc…..

Restaurants,Bars & Hotels :-

We have built our product, which allow the easy development of beacon-enabled apps for Restaurants,Bar,Nightlife.

Using beacon it sends relevant messages or offers to users on their smartphone.ByPlacing beacons within a few block of restaurants/Bars/hotel user will receive an alert for area information and special offers/promotions such as Half Price for beers. at time of Exit the venue will send message for getting the review and feedback for their visit. using beacons it allows customers for using mobile payments.

Shopping Malls :-

Using apps in malls and shopping places measure Footfall of users inside the mall  and prompts Notifications for their visit.

Inside the Mall Various stores which have special offers and Discounts and coupon codes available which passed to the customer when visit the store beacons.arrange the Gamification inside store and based on that give users the Awards to gifts so users attract it visit mall again  and again.

Based on mall Entry and Time spent in the mall give Loyalty to the customers. and which helps mall owner for users repetitive entry in the mall.

Demo CMS

Take SP Beacon CMS for a Test Drive

If you’re not yet sure SP Beacon CMS is the right CMS for you, look at our demo site: to get a better feel for CMS’s plentiful features. Use the details below to login:

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Password: admin

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Contact us if you’re interested in a more sophisticated demo.