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The depressed global market sentiments have cast shadow on different industry verticals. However there is a Silver lining in the dark clouds and it is “Global IT outsourcing industry”. With businesses in North America and Euro zone struggling to stay competitive by curtailing profits; they find it difficult to bring down their TCO to maintain their sustainability in these trying times.

Why select us as Your Global IT Outsourcing Partner?

At S.P Technolab, we help you overcome your technical and pricing challenges. You achieve competitive sharpness without resorting to drastic measures. We have full fledged offshore development center in Ahmedabad, the business district of Vibrant Gujarat state, known world over for its entrepreneurial spirit.

Our experts deliver high-end IT development services at the most competitive rates. We extend our expertise further and give you the opportunity to associate with us as our outsourcing partner. As result you get all the outsourcing benefits associated with India- the global outsourcing hub. However this not the end of the story because we have something more to offer that clearly differentiates us from our competitors and those key differentiators are:

  • Flexibility to select the perfect one for yourself from different outsourcing business models
  • Prompt and high quality service guaranteed regardless of disparate platforms involved, language capabilities, underlying risks and distant locations
  • Reduced TCO of IT through seamless management of different service streams because of unified delivery mechanism
  • Bespoke global IT solutions that are client-specific, irrespective of their cultural background and geographic location, overcoming the language barriers in the process

Our Multi-outsourcing-model concept greatly empowers our clients to select the best available model so that they reduce their costs, improve their governance structure, ensure timely delivery, and maintain quality benchmarks that are critical to their success of the business.